Evermild L-ARG (INCI Name: Arginine)

EverneutralTM L-ARG is one kind of amino acid could be produced by human body. It is also one kind of most important amino acids to our life. In cosmetic application, it can be used as an organic neutralizer and the best alternative of triethanolamine and aminomethylpropanediol which are not so welcomed because of their carcinogenic potential.



Ø  Using arginine as neutralizer can avoid the risk of nitroso exceeding caused by TEA.

Ø  L-Arginine has moisture retention and helps skin retain water for a long time.

Ø  L-Arginine has the effect of softening the stratum corneum.

Ø  L-Arginine can enhance the immunity of the skin.

Ø  L-Arginine can improve the microcirculation around the wound, promote the formation of collagen tissue and accelerate wound healing.

Ø  L-Arginine has antioxidant effects.

Ø  No residue, no hormones, no heavy metals, comply with the regulations on cosmetic raw materials.



 As an organic neutralizer, it can be used instead of triethanolamine, aminomethylpropanediol, KOH and NaOH to adjust the pH of system.


Use Level:

 0.1 - 1.0 %.