SinoSphere KOOL-BEADS-B2 (Product Name: Blue Cooling Beads)

SinoSphereTM KOOL-BEADS-B2 is blue cooling beads in which cooling agent is tightly wrapped. It possesses strong, long-lasting cool feeling due to the patented cooling agent.

--High Firmness : Will not be damaged under shear during the manufacture of toothpaste;
--Good water absorption :Will be soft after absorbing water, then will be crushed easily under lower extrusion pressure and release the cooling agent promptly;
--No residues for the new production process;

--Bright colors, stability, security – Made with food grade pigments; Stable over a wide range of pH values and temperatures;
--Uniform particle size – Form uniform finished-products with beautiful appearance.

Directly add into the formulations at the end of the process, then mix until uniform.
Could be applied in toothpastes, shower gels, facial cleansers, shampoos.

Usage level: 0.5%-5%