1Green Products
We adhere to the "12 Principles of Green Chemistry" whenever possible and continue to innovate and develop products that have the characteristics of natural sourcing, are environmentally friendly and exhibit good biodegradability. Our “green” and “better choice” products include but not limited to “amino acid-based surfactants”; “innovative preservatives”; “solvent-free polymers”, “eco-friendly sun screens”, etc.

2Green Manufacturing
We strive to utilize non-organic solvent production, to improve energy efficiency for producing green products, building green factories, and establishing a green supply chain to achieve sustainable development.
Several large output production lines of EVERSOFT SERIES with low energy consumption, no pollution, zero emission are already implemented, will make our amino acid-based surfactants most cost-effective and environmentally friendly, enabling us to be the global leader in this area.

We understand the importance of protecting global forest resources to the natural environment and human society. Therefore, we promise to strictly screen our suppliers to implement sustainable procurement policy, urge them to follow the basic framework of No Deforestation, No Peat Use No Exploitation (NDPE) commitment with us.

Our commitment revolves around the following three areas:
· Contribute to society
· Promoting positive environmental impact
· Act in full compliance with relevant regulations

3Green Life
As people continue to improve the quality of life, “mild, safe, green” increasingly become consumer’s preferences for personal care and home care products. It is also a key requirement for the harmonious development of mankind and nature to improve the efficiency of the use of resource and energy consumption, protect the global climate, water resources and ecosystems in a more economical, efficient and eco-friendly manner. Sino Lion also aims to provide its customers with more green and better choices. For example, the production of a daily product using amino acid surfactants can effectively reduce energy and water consumption during the product life cycle, and can significantly reduce carbon emissions.

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