Dr. Evelyn G. SU’s speech in the 24th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference held by American Chemical Society

Time : 2020-6-26 9:42:46  Come from : Sino Lion USA

Chemicals employed in home and personal care products face several distinct challenges towards implementing circular economy strategies, including dispersive use, linear lifecycles, and high volumes. Green Chemistry & Engineering, as well as regenerative agriculture and renewable feedstocks, can help address these barriers. To succeed, systems thinking and innovation are necessary drivers throughout all phases of research and development for chemicals and products alike.

To tackle the challenges and find solutions, the American Chemical Society decided to organize a Symposium-- ENABLING A CIRCULAR ECONOMY FOR MATERIALS IN THE CONSUMER GOODS INDUSTRY --on June 16-18 2020. The 24th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference was held successfully.

This symposium actively engaged communities and stakeholders to bridge technical understanding, needs, and opportunities towards facilitating circular economy principles in the fast-moving consumer goods sector. Academic, business, NPO/NGOs, government, and emerging experts had been encouraged to submit session talks. All aspects of technology, cost, safety, and sustainability across materials and life cycles relevant to home and personal care goods were considered and presented.

Sino Lion USA President & Chief Scientific Officer Evelyn G. SU was invited and made a technical presentation on Enabling sustainable materials via green chemistry: Technologies and perspectives from a raw material supplier. In this presentation, Evelyn presented three technology breakthroughs in amino acid-based surfactants, innovative preservatives, and naturally derived chelates as circular economy examples in FMCGs using Green Chemistry and Biotechnology. The challenges of circular economy with Green Chemistry from a raw material supplier perspective were also discussed.

For more presentation details, please feel free to click the link below to listen to the video presentation.