Sino Lion attended China-Japan International Cosmetic Exchange Fair and

Time : 2017-6-15 10:47:32  Come from : Sino Lion

Adorned with azalea blossoms, Yokohama has welcomed the China-Japan International Cosmetic Exchange Fair and the 8th CITE Japan on May 31, 2017, just after China’s Dragon Boat Festival. Thanks to our partner, BHI Co., Ltd, Sino Lion participated in CITE and the related exchanges, during which we introduced our amino acid surfactants to the Japanese market.   


As the third-largest city in Japan, Yokohama is a place where scenic beauty and balmy weather coexist, where historic sites and ultra-modern buildings stand side by side, and where the 8th CITE at the International Conference Center was held.  CITE, as the most important cosmetic exchange fair in Japan, attracted a large number of participants, among which, besides local ones, there are many well-known multinational corporations.



With advanced cosmetic techniques, Japan has developed many new types of products. By pioneering the commercialization of amino acid surfactants, Ajinomoto made a groundbreaking contribution to the development of the cosmetic industry and the customers’ quality of life. Now, Sino Lion, with its own technical innovations, will provide more cost-effective amino acid surfactants to make safe, mild and refreshing products affordable for the most common product types.



There are many leading enterprises and research institutions in Japan, among which is FANCL, the largest Japanese no-additive cosmetic and food enterprise. It’s a joy to visit FANCL’s institute. Surrounded by azaleas, the building, with its tidy interiors and delicate designs, guaranteed a comfortable working environment without being disturbed. From the perspective of molecules and cellsthe researchers focus on the relationship between human bodies, the environment and cosmetics. By virtue of the latest technology, they have attained valuable achievements, and deserve great praise for doing such research.


The relationship between the scalp and hair quality is studied at the highest level by Tokyo University of Technology(TUT). They gathered the most advanced equipment and esteemed professors in this beautiful campus. During our visit, we got to know their advanced approach to cosmetic science. Standing at the top of the campus, overlooking the landscape, we were informed that from here we may appreciate the shadowy beauty of Mount Fuji on sunny days. May the height of the mountain to be the height of TUT in the Japanese cosmetic field.


The visit to the enterprises deeply impressed me. Their accumulated experience and level of detail management stand at the top of the world. It’s our honor to visit Asanuma of the top three OEM factories for color makeup. In order to expand the Chinese market, many employees there can speak Chinese, which creates a hospitable atmosphere. When our visit came to an end, the boss, together with 20 staff members, bowed to say goodbye. In the presence of them, I got an understanding of the culture of Japanese enterprises.



China has learned from the world for years. Sino Lion, too, is learning from the advanced enterprises all over the world. Thanks to the organizers of China and Japan Cosmetics International Exchange Association, we got a good opportunity to learn. With ceaseless study and accumulated experience, we will move on further and further, overcoming all obstacles. We eagerly anticipate the day we will stand at the top of the cosmetic world.