Update of PCT2017 Personal Care Products Technology Summit Forum and Exhibition

Time : 2017-6-26 12:42:37  Come from : Sino Lion

The "2017 Personal Care Products Technology Summit and Exhibition" was held successfully on June 22-23,2017 at the Longemont Hotel in Shanghai, China.


"Personal Care Technology Summit Forum" is a high-quality technical forum created by Ringier Trade Media Ltd.  At this forum, Ringier continued to bring us the latest market trends, policies and regulations, product development, testing technology and other recent advances. In the exhibition, we also had the opportunity to learn more in the skin care, hair, packaging and other fields of innovation.


This forum was divided into six major sessions, including “regulatory testing”, “skincare”, “hair care”, “packaging”, “make-up”, and the two plenary sessions of E - commerce and distribution channels. 


On the morning of June 22, the president of Ringier Industrial Media, Mr. Michael Hay, opened the meeting.



Mr. Li Qifan, the marketing director, and Mr. Wang Changguo, the technical director of Sino Lion attended this event with a team of colleagues.


On the afternoon of 22nd, at the "Regulations and Testing” session, Mr. Li Qinfan shared the "Green Trends and Standards Creation of personal care and home care products in China", and expounded “Green Chemistry” as the inevitable trend for the manufacturers of personal care and home care products, which would meet the requirements of the "Green development" policy in the " Made in China 2025" Program. He also pointed out that it was necessary for the care products field to achieve a higher level to create enterprise standards stricter than the national standards and industry standards.  Meanwhile, Mr. Li advocated to build a green manufacturing standard System Alliance in the field of care products, which should strive to the consumer's hygiene and health, environmental beauty and sustainable development.



At the "Hair Care Session", " Mr. Wang Changguo analyzed the development trend of amino acid surfactants. He compared the characteristics and application of amino acid surfactants with those of other surfactants, especially the application performance of alanine surfactants in shampoos and glutamate surfactant in detergents, and the technical achievements of Sino Lion in glutamate detergents.  He pointed out that the amino acid surfactant would become the next generation anionic surfactant.



At the "Innovative Technology speech" session, Ms. Wang Huiyu, the application director of Sino Lion, shared the "Green Safety Preservatives" technology. Today, consumers pursue safer and healthier preservatives, which requires the research and application engineers to develop green and safe preservatives that are anti-bacterial, higher safety, long-term stability, excellent solubility and compatibility, more environmental friendly, and biodegradable. The amino acid-type preservatives EverguardTM PL(polylysine) and EverguardTM LAE (lauric acid ethyl ester hydrochloride) produced by Sino Lion are precisely such ideal preservatives. Meanwhile, Ms. Wang also described in detail the application characteristics of these two preservatives, as well as some typical formulations.


At the highlight seminar session, Mr. Li Qinfan and Mr. Wang Changguo as moderators, as well as the other two major experts in the industry, answered some questions about the development of the industry for the participants, and discussed the creation of the industry's green product standards. The atmosphere was lively and enthusiastic.



Many experts from enterprises such as Jahwa, Ashland, Henkel, etc, as well as the institutions such as Beijing Daily Chemical Institute, Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine ,etc, took part in this feast. Every people and Every organization in the care industry are making their own efforts to raise the industry to a higher lever!