The Green Revolution of Amino Acid Surfactants----SINO LION invites you advance together hand in hand!

Time : 2017-10-20 10:04:12  Come from : Sino Lion

Recently, Sino Lion officially received the certificate of the Japan invention patent for amino acid surfactants. The patent was authorized on August 18, 2017, and is the 6th authorized patent for amino acid surfactants for Sino Lion.


The authorization of the patent is of great historical significance. The pioneer who made the amino acid surfactants a commercial success and contributed to the development of the washing industry was a Japanese company.  Now, through nearly 20 years of continuous independent technological innovation, Sino Lion has carried out deeper research and development on the amino acid surfactants and has reached an internationally advanced level in many aspects, not only with the diversified product types and superior quality assurance, but also with a green production process and high production capacity. At the same time, Sino Lion attaches great importance to the intellectual property protection of scientific and technological achievements, and the amino acid surfactant technology is an important example. The successful entry of the patent into Japan provides the intellectual property protection for Sino Lion’s amino acid products in the Japanese market, which is another significant progress after the U.S. patent of the amino acid surfactants was authorized in April of this year.



It will be after a long-term green revolution that the amino acid surfactants replace the traditional surfactants. Sino Lion has solved the two historical problems of cost and application performance, and lays a foundation for the full entry of amino acid surfactant products into the washing market. As a global leader in amino acid surfactants, Sino Lion will continue to work hard to promote the sustainability of the green revolution in the washing field. The issued patents allow Sino Lion's partners to use Sino Lion’s products safely and confidently.


Sino Lion’s President, Dr. Evelyn Su, has made a passionate comment on the authorization of the Japanese patent. She said, "This is a milestone that marks victory and transcendence! We are beyond our international peers, standing in the forefront of the world, relying on our own nearly 20 years of unremitting efforts and independent innovation. This is a great moment! We are in a great time! Chinese companies are moving into the world ...”


For the future development of Sino Lion and the prospects for industrial development, Dr. Su continued to say: "Let us work together with more solidarity to live up to the mission entrusted to us, dare to be industry pioneers and leaders, and strive to use green chemistry and natural sustainable technological products to replace traditional products, as well as to together achieve the great dream of our industry's transformation, while we benefit mankind and the environment!”



Finally, Sino Lion also hopes to have more and more washing manufacturers join us to work hand-in-hand, striving together to realize the great dream of our industry's transformation.