Sino Lion’s Amino Acid Technology Platform exhibited successfully in PCHi 2018

Time : 2018-3-23 11:09:45  Come from : Sino Lion

PCHi 2018 (Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients Exhibition) has been held successfully at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall in Shanghai, China, during March 19th to 21th, 2018.


The PCHi exhibition area totalled 32000 square meters, and more than 540 exhibitors exhibited their new raw materials and related products. 40% of the exhibitors are international companies.


During this exhibition, Sino Lion exhibited the global leading amino acid technology platform, such as amino acid-based surfactants, preservatives, chelating agents, oil gelling agents, moisturizers, emollients, etc.. Meanwhile, Sino Lion also exhibited  new biotechnology products and total solutions for a modern shampoo which is silicon-free and sulfate-free. Many new and old friends visited Sion Lion’s booth.   


More importantly, Sino Lion also demonstrated the environmental advantages of amino acid products in terms of saving water, reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, which attracted the attention of many visitors.


At the new technology press conference in the morning of March 20th, Sino Lion’s Vice President, Dr. Ping Gong, introduced several new products, the amino acid-based chelating agents, EvermildTM GLDA (INCI Name: Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate) and EvermildTM MGDA (INCI Name: Trisodium Dicarboxymethyl Alaninate), and the amino acid preservatives, EverguardTM LAE-20 (INCI Name: Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate HCl) and EverguardTM PL (INCI Name: Polylysine). She introduced the advantages of these new products on the process, performance, environmental protection and application solutions, when compared to traditional products.


Dr. Ping Gong emphasized that the formulator can design the preservative system from the viewpoint of water activity, so that the use of relatively low dosage of preservatives can achieve better anti-microbial effect. Dr. Gong's speech has aroused many listeners' attention to amino acid products and stimulated interest in experimenting with amino acid chelating agents and amino acid preservatives.