SuperGel CE/SK(INCI Name: Carbomer, 980/940 type) Benzene-free!

SuperGelTM CE(INCI Name: Carbomer, 980 type) Benzene-free!
SuperGelTM SK(INCI Name: Carbomer, 940 type) Benzene-free!

SuperGelTM CE and SuperGelTM SK are a series of rheology modifiers based on Carbomer technology. It can deliver exceptional thickening and suspending power in a wide variety of personal care products. Used at low concentrations, SuperGelTM offer a wide range of flow and rheological properties.


Shampoos, hair styling gels, moisturizing gels, shower gels, body lotions,creams, etc.

Use Levels: 0.1-3.0%