Everwhite VCL (INCI Name: Ascorbyl Lactoside)

EverwhiteTM VCL is a new chemical entity, it is derived from Vitamin C but has better stability, safety and whitening performance. It is convenient to use in cosmetic applications. EverwhiteTM VCL is more tolerant than traditional vitamin C derivatives to high temperature, wide pH, metal ions or other stress conditions. When used in personal care applications, EverwhiteTM VCL is more stable than other Vitamin C derivatives such as ascorbic acid glucoside, and has a more noticeable whitening effect. Also,compared with traditional whitening agent, such as arbutin and kojic acid, EverwhiteTM VCL has equal or even better performance, but no side effects.

Applications: Widely used in lightening, anti-aging, and sunscreen products.

Use Level: 0.2% - 5.0%