Evermild GLDA-30 (INCI Name: Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate)

Chemical Name: L-glutamic acid N, N-diacetic acid, tetra sodium salt

CAS No.: 51981-21-6


EvermildTM GLDA-30 is aminopolycarboxylate-based chelating agent based on the food-approved natural amino acid salt, monosodium L-glutamate, which is produced by biochemical conversion of vegetable material (such as sugar beet waste). This results in a good biological breakdown as is confirmed by the Closed Bottle biodegradability test.

EvermildTM GLDA-30 is readily biodegradable, with a high solubility over a wide pH range. It does not sensitize human skin, demonstrates enhanced biocidal boosting power and improved biodegradability properties. Compared to phosphates and phosphonates, it is a far more effective chelating agent.


 Widely used in personal care, cleaning and detergents, industrial cleaning and oil industry. It is China CFDA complaint.


Use Level: 

 0.4 % Max.